Commissioner's Message

Large Taxpayers Unit-VAT (LTU-VAT) is one of the most important offices under the National Board of Revenue (NBR), especially in respect of realizing national revenue. This office is responsible for achieving more than 55% of the total VAT collected by the NBR, which is about 21% of the total NBR revenue. The revenue target of this office for the current 2018-19 fiscal year is 60,817.67 crore taka. Since my joining the office as Commissioner on 9th August 2018, I, with my team members, am trying to discharge my duties to collect proper revenue as mandated by the authority. My priority areas include maintaining strict discipline in the office administration, prevention of tax evasion, zero tolerance against all sorts of harassment, irregularities and corruption and above all providing stakeholders with the highest level of cooperation. I express my heartfelt gratitude to my authority, all the taxpayers, stakeholders, media representatives and all the officers and employees of this office for their continuous support and relentless efforts with a view to achieving the revenue target set by the NBR.