Commissioner Message

Since I took over as Commissioner in April 2015, I have taken a number of initiatives with an eye to the vision of Digital Bangladesh as well as good governance and modern management concepts. As the concept of digital Bangladesh is fully intertwined with the all-encompassing use of information and communications technology in the daily activities of government bodies, utmost efforts were taken to develop a website for this commissionerate. I am now glad that the unyielding hard work of our officers and staff has blessed us with the rare opportunity of being successful within a very short time with the website of this commissionerate now shining glowingly. Our valued customers will highly benefit from this website because it has been designed so as to let them put their opinion about the activities of the commissionerate as well as lodge their complaints. Transparency, accountability and good governance will be better ensured once this website has come to be utilized to its optimal level.   The inter- and intra-commissionerate and the commissionerate to NBR intimation of official letters and directives will get extra dynamism thanks to the opening of this website. Thanks and congratulations.